Abrasion Resistant Wear Products

Canadian Wear Technologies


Canadian Wear Technologies – specialists in wear protection for material handling systems.  Serving the mining industry since 1985. (Formerly Abreco Inc.). Abreco Inc. was first established in 1985 to manufacture a very unique and high-end white iron laminated wear material for the Oil Sands market, trade named AbrecoPlate®.

Today the business has expanded to include a wider range of products and services and a much wider range of industries serviced including mining, steel, cement, aggregate, power generation and O.E.M.’s . To date, millions of pounds of Abreco wear products have been placed in service throughout the world. In response to our continued strong growth we have reopened Abreco Inc. and to more accurately reflect the scope of the business, we renamed the company “Canadian Wear Technologies Ltd.”.

Why Abreco?

The AbrecoPlate bond outperforms all others…
AbrecoPlate™ is a laminate of extremely abrasion resistant, high alloy, high carbide, chrome molly white iron 700 + BHN(64 Rc) metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing, often confused with Domite®. The backing not only provides weldability but most importantly, it provides impact resistance. AbrecoPlate is the best laminated wear plate on the market today because of quality in material and manufacturing processes. Its performance is 10 times greater than AR400 steel at less than half the operating cost.

Our goal is to continue steady growth by helping our customers reduce operating costs related to wear and make it easy for them to source replacement materials. Canadian Wear Technologies – offering uncompromised manufacturing, custom designs and unparalleled service that will ensure you maintain consistent uptime, delivering higher profitability.


RPM & Associates

Wear Liners and Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate

RPM overlay plate and wear liners are manufactured from our special MK chrome carbide material.  The chromium carbide wear surface is welded to a mild steel substrate.  Its primary purpose of the overlay is to protect the surface it is welded to from damaging wear and tear. Common uses include:

  • Coal Chute Liner
  • Coal Pulverizer Mill Body Journal and
  • Rotating Vane Pocket Liner
  • Hopper Liner
  • Dozer Blade Liner
  • Moldboard Wear Liner
  • Dragline Bucket Liner
  • … and many more.

“Stringer” Bead Composition Determines Wear Resistance

The percentage of chromium carbide and the overall overlay composition determine a wear plate’s resistance to abrasion and impact. A common misconception is that material hardness determines resistance to abrasion; however, resistance to abrasion is determined first by the carbide structure of the material, then by hardness. RPM uses “stringer” bead rather than oscillated bead overlays to support the formation of carbides in the overlay — a process that helps to lengthen wear life and ensure consistency throughout the wear surface.

rpm-2 rpm-1

Bailey Parks Urethane


Bailey-Parks has been designing, engineering, producing and testing custom urethane molded products since 1969. Our polyurethane molding products are used in a wide variety of specialized manufacturing processes at plants around the world.

Bailey-Parks Urethane fabricates and stocks a wide array of standard urethane products such as sheets, pads, rods and tubes. It also custom designs, engineers, produces and tests engineered urethane products.

bp1Whether you need customized polyurethane bushings or made-to-order specialty urethane parts, we have a complete engineering and machine shop under one roof at our plant in Memphis, Tennessee. A turnkey solution for custom urethane design and production, we are limited only by our customers’ imaginations.

Our expert engineering team has years of experience developing custom urethane product solutions for our clients, including:

  • Classifier Shoes
  • Gaskets
  • Gears
  • Impact pads
  • Industrial rollers
  • Industrial wheels
  • Isolators
  • Polyurethane sheets
  • Polyurethane tubing
  • Rings
  • Seals
  • Wipers