Ground Engaging

Combi Wear Parts

Combi Wear Parts is one of the world leading companies of patented Ground Engaging Tools in the construction, mining and dredging industries. We challenge today’s applications with unique solutions and optimized steel grades.


COMBI-free-adapters1One of our latest innovations in wear parts, ProClaws has several unique features. Among other things, the design is improved to more effectively address the forces that the system is subjected to during operation.

Combi Parts

combi-partsCombi Parts is an established and well-developed system of wear parts for virtually all applications in the construction industry. Each size has a large selection of teeth and adapter. The system fits most models of excavators and loaders. The simple and robust design has enabled Combi Parts to become a great success worldwide.


shroudsWe can offer shrouds for all buckets.Our shrouds protects the cutting edge, side plates and bottom sides against wear.

Pejo Safety Hooks

pejoThanks to their high reliability, Pejo safety hooks are one of the world’s most widely used safety hooks. The hooks provide a safe and controlled way to lift heavy or cumbersome parts with your excavator or wheel loader.

MHL Scarifier Systems

The MHL Heavy Duty Carbide Scarifier System is built to withstand the most demanding conditions found in the most extreme environments. Contact a Pit and Quarry Supplies representative for information regarding our cost saving MHL Scarifier exchange/rebuild program.