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WearPro Product Line Brochure


TriMag Steel Bushings

Over the years, manganese steel bushings have been a must for the high impact areas on large shovel and dragline buckets. The ductile core with work hardening properties is far superior to any other type bushing. Some companies have tried to extend the life on bushings by explosion hardening or ping hardening them before installation. More information provided below:

  • Manganese Steel Bushings are designed specifically for Bail, Padlock Lug, and Equalizer bushings used in the most extreme situations
  • These bushings are designed to take the punishment and give you 5-6 times more abrasion resistance for the rotation found on Doors, Bails, Padlocks, and Equalizers
  • These bushings can be manufactured Eccentric or Standard Concentric



Wide Path Deep Engaging Track Pad

WearPro has designed a wide path track shoe that gives 20% more bearing surface to the rollers and the track roll path. This allows the load to be spread over a larger foot print. WearPro has increased the track pin size and increased the width of the pin eyes to give you 25% more surface area. These improvements will increase the life of the undercarriage by extending the roll path life and the increase on the pin and pin eyes will increase the life of the pin pitch. Material upgrades to a high manganese plus moly mix give the best performing pad on the market today!

  • Improved internal structure
  • Material upgrade to 18% manganese steel for rapid work hardening
  • Increase in pin eye bearing surface
  • Increase in section thickness
  • Upgraded track pin material



Pin Bushing Kit

WearPro has developed a proprietary process to rebuild bucket pins. Our overlay pins perform as well or better than our competitors. When the mine site replaces the pins on the bucket and returns the worn pins back into the pin kits, the mine is only charged at the rebuild price. Never put yourself in a bind by not having everything you need for your next bucket rebuild:

  • Security in knowing everything is there
  • All pins and bushing in one place
  • Easy handling
  • Can be moved with forklift or picked with a boom truck
  • Highest quality of Pins and Bushings
  • Only replace what is needed
  • Quick lead times



Straddle Mount Front Idlers

The WearPro Straddle Mount Front Idler is designed for the toughest conditions. Splined shaft and idler hub ensures the combinations will not strip or come apart. Besides the benefits of being designed to be rebuilt multiple times to drive down costs and reduce downtime, there are a couple more:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Manage wear with the WearPro Patent UCM system