Yamaha Inverters & Generators

We have a full line of Yamaha Inverters and Generators available to suit your needs!  From the EF2000iSv2  2000 watt inverter, to the  powerful EF7200DE electric start 7200 watt generator, Yamaha has you covered.

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RPM & Associates – Coal Piping

RPM & Associates rebuilds worn coal pipe and elbows with our proven chrome carbide overlays. Welded elbows and tangents provide great coal flow and long wear life without the weight or adhesion problem of ceramic tiles. Our long-lasting, abrasion-resistant hardfacing can be applied to coal transporters from 3” to 28” diameter, and up to five times the centerline radius size. We also manufacture and rebuild ash spools, riffle housings, and a variety of other pipe-related parts used in high-abrasion environments.

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RPM & Associates

Wear Liners and Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate

RPM overlay plate and wear liners are manufactured from our special MK chrome carbide material.  The chromium carbide wear surface is welded to a mild steel substrate.  Its primary purpose of the overlay is to protect the surface it is welded to from damaging wear and tear. Common uses include:

  • Coal Chute Liner
  • Coal Pulverizer Mill Body Journal and
  • Rotating Vane Pocket Liner
  • Hopper Liner
  • Dozer Blade Liner
  • Moldboard Wear Liner
  • Dragline Bucket Liner
  • … and many more.

“Stringer” Bead Composition Determines Wear Resistance

The percentage of chromium carbide and the overall overlay composition determine a wear plate’s resistance to abrasion and impact. A common misconception is that material hardness determines resistance to abrasion; however, resistance to abrasion is determined first by the carbide structure of the material, then by hardness. RPM uses “stringer” bead rather than oscillated bead overlays to support the formation of carbides in the overlay — a process that helps to lengthen wear life and ensure consistency throughout the wear surface.

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RPM & Associates – Coal Pulverizers

RPM & Associates manufactures and rebuilds coal pulverizer parts for Combustion Engineering, Foster Wheeler, Babcock & Wilcox, and Alstom bowl mills. Our mill body wear liners, deflector liners, journal liners, and pulverizer rolls are engineered to offer the longest wear life with the lowest risk of catastrophic failure. We’ll even rebuild your worn journals to perform better-than-new due to design advancements made by our own engineers. RPM strives to lower your risk of grinding mill parts failures while extending your operation cycles.

RPM Cast Steel Composite CE1043 Roll